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July 30/ 2013 –Chennai, India – Mobiletechfactory.com is a renowned mobile application development company that led by experts and dedicated mobile application developers. This company is a perfect destination for smart-phones users to hire skilled mobile app developers, who have years of experience in developing applications for multiple mobile platforms. With its more than 60 programmers, Mobile Tech Force is serving satisfied mobile application development services to its worldwide clients. Having ability to handle any type of mobile app development project, our professional developers strongly believe in serving our customers with top-notch quality work that expand their business worldwide.

Our experts hold a special position and people want to hire Android developers from Mobiletechfactory India because of the competitive advantages that Mobiletechfactory offers. We offer customized solutions, cost-effective prices, quick turnaround time and lots more. Choosing our service also empower customers to make choice of their dedicated resource. The company provides customers the facility to have a hassle free communication with the android developer they have chosen for their projects.

The developers that you hire from our website are known for their special expertise and core knowledge that have in each platform. You do not have to be bothered about the quality of your project once it is in our developers’ hands. However, you can also check our work portfolio to get more information about programmers’ work style and quality. Our mobile app developers are always there to solve your any query regarding your project and once you hand-over your project to us, we will communicate with you during the entire development process.

Major Benefits of Hiring Our Mobile App Developers:

  • High Quality Work on Low Cost
  • Skilled Developers to handle Your Project
  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Daily Reporting
  • 24*7 Online Support & Maintenance

These are some of the advantages that you can enjoy by our specialized mobile developers, who thoroughly understand your needs and work delicately to complete your project successfully. To get detail information about our company, you can visit our website and get in touch with us!!

Get more info: http://mobiletechfactory.com

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Mobile Technology innovation Delivers Brand new Marketing and advertising Possibilities

Businesses need to move fast to adjust their marketing methods to take advantage of the new mobile technology that people are increasingly carrying with them and using when they are out and about.

In a relatively short time the sight of someone using their smart phone or notepad on the train, in cafes and restaurants or just on the street to access information has ceased to be unusual.

This provides all sorts of opportunities for businesses to communicate with potential customers or clients when they are out and about.

It means that their websites need to be mobile phone friendly and that they need to be innovative about the applications that they could have designed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Mobiletechfactory is passionate about designing applications to suit their clients’ needs. WE have more that 30 web designers and developers all skilled in Android application development, Windows application development, IOS application development using different technologies and creating new apps for Android and iPhone to enable you to keep in touch with your customers.

If you want to work with a team that keeps a close eye on a project start to finish and informs you at every stage of the process, come to us. The processes we follow for development and interaction with clients are reliable and trustworthy.

We are proud of the fact that none of our clients has ever left us thanks to our attention to detail and our rigorous testing of our work.

Our website also contains many case studies on work we have done.

About MobileTechFactory

Mobiletechfactory.com is a unit of Sedin Technologies – RailsFactory, which offers quality web application development services since 2006. MobileFactory is one of the India’s leading Mobile Application Development Company. The company is deft & experienced in providing the clients with top-notch quality solutions. Our strong focus is on mobile application development, mobile usability and testing. They are adept in improving the usability, functionality and performance of mobile solutions and products.

Please take a look then contact us to discuss your requirements:  support@mobiletechfactory.com
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Mobiletechfactory Launches Advanced iPhone Applications Development Service

July 30/ 2013 –Chennai, India – Keeping in view the increasing popularity of smartphone, it has become very important to develop applications that are compatible with the operating system as well as the platform of the iPhone.

The advanced iPhone Applications development service by Mobiletechfactory is focused on offering highly compatible, user-friendly and compatible mobile phone applications for the users of iPhones.

So far, the company has developed hundreds of application for its clients and is continuously updating its knowledge and expertise to deliver the technologically advanced services.

For iPhone Application development, Mobiletechfactory has a team of professional and skilled developers who can develop unique, attractive and engaging applications. The designers understand the individual needs of clients and make sure that they get customized solutions for as per their business needs. The iPhone Application development India offers all the application designs at highly affordable rates.

The advanced iPhone applications designs offered by Mobiletechfactory are focused on improving the overall business performance and competitiveness of the companies. The iPhone friendly applications developed by the team of experienced designers ensure that the users could easily access those sites which in turn will increase the growth of the business of the clients.

About Mobiletechfactory

Mobiletechfactory.com is a unit of Sedin Technologies – RailsFactory, which offers quality web application development services since 2006. MobileFactory is one of the India’s leading Mobile Application Development Company. The company is deft & experienced in providing the clients with top-notch quality solutions. Our strong focus is on mobile application development, mobile usability and testing. They are adept in improving the usability, functionality and performance of mobile solutions and products.

For the detail information please visit company’s website at:   http://mobiletechfactory.com/

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Android Application Development Service

Now that the basics have been covered in the previously, we can go on to the finer details of developing the app.Android Application Development Service

We first start with the Android SDK or the Standard Development Kit. This is what helps you install the package to develop your app. These packages basically contain methods that will help you develop your app which are specific to each Android version.  As you start it, it’ll give you a whole list of Android OS versions, both current and obsolete. Now you have to be very specific when selecting the version as the app developed for a lower version(say version 2.2) will not work for a higher version (say 4.1). This is because, as given in the example Android version 4.1 would have methods that 2.2 has but vice versa is not true.

So installing one package can take at least half an hour. The latest version of the SDK will install both the package and the Google API, which will come in use later on as you develop it android app development. It also gives you sample for your code.

After the installation we go on to the coding part. This is where Eclipse comes in. But as it supports only Java, it’ll help you a lot to be well versed with that language. When working on Eclipse the first thing you have to do is set your preference from general to Android. For Windows users, this option will be there in the drop down list named “Windows” but for Mac users it will be present in the drop down list of “File”. In the “Preference” option when you select Android, you need to make sure that the Google API and the Android package that you selected are there in the window on the Right Hand Side. If not, you will have to browse for them from the folder named SDK.

After setting this up you can go on to starting a new project in Eclipse. When you do, you will have to select an Application name, a Project name and a Package name. The Application name and the Project name need to be a single word otherwise it will not be accepted. More important than that is the Package name. You have to be very careful in making sure that it is unique, otherwise it will not be published or worse, it might go to someone else having the same name. And while feeding in the package name, you must ensure that the name has dot (.) in it. Following this, you can begin coding your app.

To code your program you also need to know XML or Extensive Markup Language. XML is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human readable and machine readable. It will come in use when you design the layout of your app. It is relatively easy to learn and there are many sites that provide free tutorials for XML. The advantage of using XML is that if you do not wish to spend your time coding the layout, the Graphical Layout option can be used to interact with the layout and you can edit the whole thing graphically while the code changes by itself according to your actions.

Then we go on to the emulator. The Emulator can be started from the “Android Virtual Device Manager” present in the “windows” dropdown list for Windows users and under “File” for Mac users just like in the case of Preferences.  When the emulator starts a pop up window will first ask you to specify the dimensions. The emulator is what will help you figure out if your program is working by behaving exactly like the phone would.

Now we go on to the hard part, which is the source code. This is also where the magic happens. Here you use Java to write the main program. You can access it from the options in the window on the Left Hand Side of the main Window. Here you will also find the option to view the Gen Code. It is advised not to make any changes to that as it can cause unforeseeable problems with your program. So we only stick to the source code while making the app. In the same window you will also find Jar. This is the option that helps you make the app interactive and define how your app will respond to touch, slide and tilt.

In the bin you have another option named RES which stands for resources and all the coding in RES in done using XML. The drawables in this option are not under the control of the programmer as it is the phone that decides the resolution of the app according to its capabilities after the app is transferred to the phone. It also has the option that would allow you to put in the sound track of your app. Extra care have to be taken while putting in a soundtrack as the video and sound of the app could go out of sync if there is any lag in the program. Most programmers make a separate folder for the soundtrack instead of linking the soundtrack to the program itself to prevent the app from getting slow.

Now that you are intimate with the entire process of building an Android app you can very well implement your knowledge of Java and XML to build your very own Android app.

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Android APP Development

Android App Development

The craze of an i-phone would seem like it would be here for eternity but nevertheless, Apple’s i-OS has been facing a tough competition from the ever improvising smart phones. With new models and new apps, the Google android has expanded enormously over a very short period of time.

If you want to see your app on the market, android is the preferred platform to program for as Google has open sourced all the tools you would need. This means that unlike programming for Apple, programming for Android is totally free. All the tools you should need to develop your app can be downloaded very easily from various sites all around the net.

This move by Google provided for a lot many third party apps on android than there are on Apple store. Android provides us with apps that are more fulfilling both qualitatively and quantitatively than Apple. Apple doesn’t give young developers and new programmers a chance. You can’t code for Apple unless and until you have a lot of money which is not possible for many upcoming developers. Apple has quality because it restricts quantity and innovation. Only the richer, older and more experienced are allowed to build Applications for Apple so that directly means they’ll have fewer Apps and probability of finding better apps is more.

This doesn’t imply in any way that Android has low-quality apps. Android provides for a wide and amazing variety of Apps. People love Apps development  and publishing it on the Play Store and can do so with just the registration fee. No fee is needed to use the Android App Development Tools.


So, you are all motivated and want to develop for Android?

Well, I am not going to totally motivate you. I am going to point two facts :-
1) It is not easy and it definitely is not a one day job.
2) The play store offers very tough competition.

So, don’t get into programming any app for any platform thinking that this sounds like fun and I’ll do it without any glitches whatsoever. There is a lot to programming an app. It’s not all code. It’s the idea, the design, the layout and the gameplay which play a role as well. It’s going to take you weeks, maybe months to come up with an App you are satisfied enough to publish.

Also, the large variety of apps on the Play Store limits the possibility of your App being unique and standing out. To be something new, you have to be brilliant enough to think out of the box and take risks. A few pointers to developing a popular game are :-

1) Keep it colourful, bright and cool
2) Keep it as interactive and user friendly as possible
3) Keep it simple, yet addictive. Don’t complicate your design or the game play.
4) Have a lot of challenges or missions. Come up with a way to challenge the users, maybe new levels to unlock or new objects to buy. This would keep the user hooked on to the game longer.
5) Identify the need and the demand. Don’t make a game similar to a one that is already out there.

Almost the same pointers need to be followed while building a utility app. At the root level, what you need to keep in mind is that your app should be simple, interesting and user friendly.


Android platform supports a variety of languages. Java is the most popular language used for android programming as the ADT bundle comes equipped with eclipse. C++, C#, C and javaScript can be used as well. The language choice is totally up to the user. You should choose whichever language you are comfortable with though, as usual, object oriented languages are preferred over procedural due to their respective paradigms.


To start programming for Android all you need to just download the ADT (Android developer Tools) Bundle and you are good to go. This single download provides all the tools you would need to begin developing.

The bundle contains:

  • Eclipse + ADT plugin
  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android Platform Tools
  • The latest Android platform
  • The latest Android system image for the emulator

This bundle is very easy to download and set- up, all you have to do is:

  • Type Android development tools in Google search
  • Click on the first link
  • You would find ADT bundle, which is a win-zip file. Check the file according to your OS specifications (Windows/Linux/Mac). Download it.
  • Once downloaded, unpack the zip file into the desired file location.

This bundle is all that is needed to start off your programming adventure.

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Building Your First App

Going into programming your first app, you need to familiarise yourself with various tools that apple provides.

Starting with the most essential, the IDE Xcode:

This popular IDE is used by both Mac and iOS developers for app building. Don’t confuse Xcode as just a code editor or a code compiler, it’s not. It provides you with an entire environment that helps you build your app. A lot of features are embedded in it like auto complete support which guesses and completes your code snippet for you even before you finish writing it. And the debugger with its static code analysis: this helps find bugs in your code so that you don’t face trouble after compiling it.

If you are not interested in paying $5 for the Xcode on apple store or are, for some reason looking for an Xcode alternative: there is text Mate or BBedit. I prefer using Xcode because for just $5 it gives you an entire environment in which you can not only write code but also debug and compile it.

As we must have heard a zillion times, app building isn’t just about coding, it’s the design which plays a key role in your app sales.  If the app looks colourful, user-friendly and has a good app-interface, people are more likely to download it and use it. While building an app, you as a designer must make sure that it is user friendly and interactive.

This is where Interface builder comes in. As the name suggests, this software lets you build your interface. You have a lot of objects to choose from. All these are built in software so you don’t need to purchase or design them yourself. Using the interface builder, you can not only add buttons and labels but also add sliders and labels to your app interface. The interface builder is fun to tweak around with and easy to understand and use. Building an interface to most developers is the coolest and most difficult thing to do. Some may prefer not to use the interface builder as this software has pre customized lay-outs and profession developers usually want a unique interface but I personally advice the beginners to use the interface builder as it is easier to incorporate your work flow.

Apart from the code and the design what all developers and builders need for a start is an idea. Many apps in the app store are really simple to code and require very less infrastructure. What makes them stand out is not the expenditure or the technicality of the code but the uniqueness of the idea behind it.

Look at the facebook app, it is a simple idea and very useful because everyone requires to view facebook nowadays. Or the dictionary app. Or the bookshelf.

I advise you to go search the app store for inspiration for idea. Be unique and original. It takes a lot of effort to build an app. But the process is fun and at the end it is definitely worth it. Visit here for android app store

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Let’s get familiar with the Windows Phone

Windows phone developmentDesign: - the GUI of the windows phone is inspired from the Swiss-style of printing and packaging and simple graphics displayed on the transportation hubs. The UI is made to reduce typing and present a hassle free interface. Every great app goes through 5 steps of design namely concept, structure, interaction, visual and prototype to consider each aspect of design.

This one’s for the developers, Microsoft provides a complete tutorial on Windows phone development, and if you already have some experience using the windows programming framework than you can make use of your honed skills to advance to higher levels. You get the entire details of programming, testing, monetizing your apps there and don’t forget to check out the newest features of windows 8/ SDK like voice control feature and ‘wallet’ which collects coupons, memberships and connects with the apps on phone. A separate tutorial on intro to game development is also given.

You can also upload your free and paid apps on windows store, once you register yourself with them. You have the privilege to join forums to ask or answer questions related to programming or usage.

An amazing thing about the windows phone is it flexibility, apart from supporting C++ (native) and handling  .Net framework now it supports HTML and JavaScript too! Promotion of apps- Revealing a little secret if you want your app to ranked high then just keep in mind 3 things 1.Functionality- easy to use/navigate, quick responses and stability of app, 2.Utility- it should be meaningful and involve users to create and refresh content so that it becomes part of their daily routine and 3.Enjoyment- creative and alluring apps to let user build interest and get entertained.

Alright now let’s jump to checkout some windows phones, Nokia with its Lumia series is made a bold effort to establish its market again after a huge shock from the incoming of Smartphone into market wiping out the old Symbian operating system. It was then Nokia developed phones with Windows as operating system and now see other brands like HTC and incredible ‘Samsung’ who created the ‘Smartphone fever’ in the IT industry has started creating phones with windows operating system namely the Omnia series. HTC is also a proud window phone maker with its Windows phone 8x has capacity to run 4g internet to get advantage of the superfast browsing and downloading speed.

There’s no doubt that there’s huge competition between Android application development and windows phone, but as can be read above, popular cell phone making brands seem to be shifting towards windows as operating system, windows phone shall  beat android phones. For the time being just enjoy the competition and the innovative apps that thrive out of it!

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iOS app development-The first steps

Nowadays, many people are getting into the world wide craze of developing apps. I mean, how totally radical would it be to see a game or a calendar that you coded or designed on your iPad or iPhone?

It is a phenomenon that has become viral. Whether you are an engineering student,a professional developer or just a tech-fan, you dreaming about seeing your own app in the app market are not only natural but also usual.


The problem with developing apps is that if you are a new developer, chances are that you may have no idea as to where to begin. Many people I know spend days, maybe months wondering where to start. That according to me is the hardest part. So let’s try to get started and take our first steps:


Getting the tools for app development is a must, you cannot get coding without an IDE. Apple as always stood apart from the crowd and has again proved it so by having very unique and different tools which you most probably won’t have if you this is your first shot as an iOS developer.

Apple provides a number of tools to help you develop your apps. But one major drawback of apple is that it doesn’t let allow you to develop for free(this problem is where android steps in).

To download the tools you have to go to the MAC APP STORE. There is a $5 downloadable access to Xcode,that is something which is a must for iphone developers as it provides the integrated development environment (IDE) necessary to code for apps.Though there is a free Xcode available as well, I find it better to buy it as the paid version has a lot better features and is not that expensive. It is definitely worth the money spent.

You would also need other softwares like an interface builder, tools for code testing and some more depending on the requirements of your project.

In order to be able to publish to the app store apps you would need to register as an official iOS developer. This is an annual registration of $99.


Well to start with you need some basic coding idea. Even if you have never done coding before, these languages are pretty easy to understand and you would be able to learn fast. The main languages used in iOS development usually are objective-C, Cocoa and UlKit.

Okay, so for a completely new beginner, let us talk about coding.

Coding is in simple words explaining your language to your laptop/mac/iPhone; basically whatever you are coding for. It is the way to make the compiler(that is something like Xcode) understand what you want.

I would firmly advise all the new beginners to not be scared of coding!

Coding is fun and pretty cool. It’s your attitude that makes it boring.

Objective Cis the most used iPhone app language. Obviously there are many other languages to code apps in; pure C,C++ being the ones that follow objective C. There are many applets that are coded using JavaScript or HTML.

Honestly speaking the choice of programming language depend on your personal comfort level and knowledge of the language along with the type of app you plan on developing.

Language and tools are essentially the first steps to iOS app development

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We at MobileTechFactory solutions are there to hear your mobile needs!!

Why is Windows Phone special??

With HTC and Nokia having launched a huge variety of windows phone, windows phone apps are hugely in demand and have created hype in IT industry . You can download apps like skype, adobe reader, Pandora, LinkedIn, and popular games like ‘where’s my mickey’, ‘my country’, ‘gerbel physics’ and lots more, all for free from windows appstore. For those who love XBOX you can download games ‘angry birds’, ‘ice age’ etc. Apart from entertainment serious business stuff can be done with business and social media apps.  A unique feature in the windows 8 phone called the ‘kids corner’ let’s your little one open only apps meant for them and your personal stay password protected. With some built in addictive games like ‘HarshQuad’, huge picture clarity, excellent sound quality and apps for daily use already built-in like facebook with a special facility to pin your favourite people and look at their posts you have a lot more to discover on the bright future Window phone. People who once use windows phone develop a natural affinity towards it and that is why people are slowing shifting from Smartphones to Windows phones. The obvious reasons being better GUI and friendlier operating system.

We at MobileTechfactory offer..

And when it comes to Windows phone app development we are there to listen to you patiently and follow up to build products exactly what you want, and our development team is used to getting complete user/customer satisfaction and appreciation. We provide highly reliable services at affordable rates.

We develop Mobile apps, phone apps using the Microsoft’s products and frameworks like .net, c#, Visual Studio. We use the latest versions of softwares to pace with the contemporary IT needs. Apart from that, our development team has great knowledge and understanding of frameworks that develop Pocket PCs, Smart phones and windows phone 8 SDK.

We have an excellent designers team which make sure the look and feel of the product is as appealing as it get can get to sprout interest from users to use it. Our expert development team with high experience of 5 yrs developing the apps ranging from Business apps, utilities apps, internet apps, navigation and GPS apps, social networking apps and provides services:- Windows phone development consultation, providing cross-platform connectivity of apps, windows phone software and website development ,m-commerce integration, application integration and migration, UI/UX design etc.

You can hire!

If you deal with anything mentioned above and you need a team to work for you to enjoy services mentioned above then you can hire our personnel/team Windows Mobile Apps Development offshore which shall dedicatedly work for you and shall directly report to you.

We hire!!

Are you interesting in building some cool apps in windows environment?? If yes, come join our family.

We hire talented and lively people who have willingness to progress and commitment to complete an assignment on time. There’s lot which will attract you at our enterprise, apart from handsome salary packages and perks we provide friendly and at the same time competitive atmosphere which will help you grow as a person.

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